Spa, Belgium

From the 18th century the town of Spa was visited by the members of royal families. The town has become famous mainly due to its mineral water. This water has many curative properties. It is to be found in the heart of the town, but also in different places around the town.  The mineral springs of Spa are accesible for visitors. The most famous are the following: Peter the GreatPrince of Condé, Tonnelet and others. 

Sightseeings of Spa

The Peter the Great mineral spring is located in the centre of town and can be found inside of impressive building dated from 1880. It is one of the most abundant and carbonated mineral springs of the town. The water contains much iron and mineral salts and has a flow of 21 000 liters per day.
– The funicular connects the city with the new spa center, which was opened in 2004. The spa is located on the hill, on top of this hill you can enjoy the magnificent view over the town.
– Church of Saint Remaclus dates from 1885.
– The Gallery Léopold II built in 1878 is a covered promenade connecting two houses.
– The Casino. In addition to the gaming room contains the Casino a culture room where many shows, festivals, seminars and exhibitions take place.

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