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‘Marie Antoinette’ is a historical drama telling the true life story of the French queen and her court circle. This story is well known and has been described many times in historical literature and films, but the new version of the famous story, directed by Sofia Coppola, gives a new understanding of the personality of Marie Antoinette and that time.

The French queen, played by Kirsten Dunst, appears to be a young, light-headed woman, playing games and eating cakes with her noble friends. She is beautiful and beloved. Her husband likes to see her fashionably dressed and she is pampered by him. Her life is easy and luxurious. At the same time the French people are shown as poor, hard working people, who don’t have even enough bread to eat. The situation in France was really close to outbreak but she did not notice this or did not want to notice it. The film shows the story of the lovely women enjoying life, but the story turns tragic. There is a moving scene in which the French queen looks at trees and fields before going to a jail and says that she loves France.

This is a gripping story about a young person, not evil or cruel as she is usually seen, but it is about a woman taking her life at face value. On the one hand, you can see luxurious life of the French court, on the other hand, the life of ordinary people is shown a little bit superficial. Despite this fact, this film is very colourful, full of many historical details and that is why worth watching.

E. Kaledinova
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