Eifel National park, Germany

Eifel National Park

5-05-2014 Jan H. Jansen 1

Eifel National park is just situated a few kilometres from the industrial heart of Germany – the Ruhrgebiet; and in the middle of four countries: Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands

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Nacht gast

11-02-2013 Jan H. Jansen 2

Nacht gast, geschreven door M. Pridvorov, Cheljabinsk, Rusland Vertaald in het Nederlands door E. Kaledinova en Jan Jansen, Velp, Nederland. Voorgedragen door Jan Jansen in […]

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De Kattenschool, 1

11-02-2013 Jan H. Jansen 0

De Kattenschool geschreven door Hans Dorrestijn : ZONDAGSGEDICHTJES Voorgedragen door Jan Jansen in het kader van het Miauw-project met bibliotheek genoemd na A. Pusjkin in Cheljabinsk, Rusland. […]


21-10-2012 Jan H. Jansen 0

Stockholm, September 2012, pictures by Jan Jansen: There are many wonderful places for seeing in Stockholm on foot. Stockholm is a beautiful city, surrounded by water, […]

The watermill in Velp

12-02-2012 Jan H. Jansen 1

These are the  beautiful pictures of the watermill situated nearby the railway in Velp. This very old watermill (from the middle ages and almost 650 years old) will be renovated after the winter. What is so special about these pictures […]