Name:  Ira Travina, Chelyabinsk, Russia
 Occupation:  computer specialist
 About me:  I like to read books, to travel, to listen music etc.
 My blog:



 Name: Jan Jansen, Velp, Netherlands
  • Senior Lecturer Management Accounting & International Finance at HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • Researcher Chair of Logistics at HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • Director of Business Crossroads Consultancy
  • Volunteer at PUM Netherlands Senior Expert
 About me: A trainer & educator with an interest for the relationship between science and business. Sustainble development in DIC’s and LDC’s has my interest from both theoretical and practical level. Interested in waterpolo and travelling.




 Name:  Marina Volkova, Chelyabinsk, Russia
 Occupation:  self-employed
 About me: An entrepreneur with varied interests – from laser processing of materials to publishing. Mother of three lovely daughters and grandmother of one grandson so far. I love road trips, photography and table tennis.
 My site:



 Name:  Elena Kaledinova, Netherlands
 Occupation:  lecturer of ERP systems at the HAN university, Arnhem, Netherlands
 About me: websites and blogs developer/editor, supporter of sustainable economic development
 Websites/blogs: Kaledinova web design  

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