Eifel National Park

Eifel National park, Germany

Eifel National park is just situated a few kilometres from the industrial heart of Germany – the Ruhrgebiet; and in the middle of four countries: Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands:

This is a beautiful national park of Germany and Belgium, situated on the Ardennes-Eifel plateau – an elevated area of the low-lands to the North-West: Pay Bas -.

Still the remainders of volcanic activities can be observed, be enjoined for leisure time and drinking the excellent mineral spring waters.

Small villages, (artificial) lakes and beautiful forest create a very nice holiday atmosphere; although a few kilometres away big cities like Aachen, Köln (Cologne), Liege and Maastricht are situated.

In this melting pot of the European cuisine you can drink excellent beers from Belgium and Germany or beautiful red and white wines from France and Germany; as well a s enjoying the German Kaffee und Kuchen in the afternoon; and excellent dinners in the evening with a touch of Belgium, German and French influence.

Due to nice short or long walks in the beautiful forests (with safe tracks to hike on) and/or a boat trip on the artificial lakes (drainage-basin), the gained kilos of the good life are evaporated like the morning dawn in the hills by the morning sun.

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