Monschau, Germany

Monschau is an old little town in the Eifel national park in Germany. It is a touristic town with plenty of souvenir shops, cozy cafes and restaurants. Many houses are built in traditional German style and famous for their unique architecture called “timber framing”. The structure of houses is formed by the jointed together timbers that you can see on the front part of the houses.  It makes houses unusual and unique, that is why many tourists from different countries come here.

The town is also well known for the castle of Monschau which was built  in the 13th century. Nowadays the main building of this castle is used as a youth hotel. The inner yard of the castle is used in summer time for opera concerts. In the center of Monschau you will find a so called “red house” which was built in the baroque style in 1756.  Through the city flows the Rur river and some buildings stand literally in the water.

As a whole Monschau can be described as a romantic fabulous place to go to.

Pictures of Monschau made by E. Kaledinova, 12.2010:

– the castle of Monschau

– timber-framing houses

– the Rur river

– the Eifel national park

E. Kaledinova
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