—Netherlands— Middachten castle, Gelderland

---Netherlands--- Middachten castle, Gelderland

During summer the rose garden of Middachten castle is very nice place to stay in for an hour to experience the beautiful layout of this part of the garden, the looks and smells of the different roses and the atmosphere itself using one of the garden banks with something to read.

The Garden of Middachten Castle is really great to spend an afternoon, during summer and early autumn. You can walk for 2 – 3 hours to experience the beautiful gardens in terms of looks and smells!

The amazing walk in the garden leads you to the lawn tennis court and the croquet field, giving the impression that you are back in the 18th or 19th century … times without a cell phone (my advice to switch it off during your stay in the castle garden).

Finally we ended at the terrace of the orangery to have a coffee / tea with some home made apple pie to recollect impressions of the garden and to share some pictures of the garden, flowers and cute ducks.

A very nice afternoon indeed!

Jan Jansen

E. Kaledinova
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