Parks and forests of Germany

Forests in Germany don’t look like the forests in Russia. German forest is nearly the park, well maintained and clean. In this forest you will not find any dry twig or a fallen tree. Dried parts of trees are neatly stacked in piles covered with polyethylene. Such an exemplary state of forests is directly linked to issues of ownership: the majority of forest lands is private property. Wood does not bring much revenue, but brings a lot of work and hassle. But being the owner of a forest in Germany is prestigious, that is why the forests look as cozy as a lawn in front of a warm house.

City parks are a mandatory attribute of German cities. Children and pensioners are their main visitors, however working people love to walk (or even to run) along the paths, feed the birds or fish as well.

Animals are also mandatory part of the park. In Stuttgart, for example, in addition to traditional swans, ducks, fish, a large number of animals is in the zoo, which is adjacent to the park. During a walk in the park you can often see the animals:

Museums are traditional neighbour of parks as well. The Germans love culture; visiting the museum often becomes a must-see destination of the day off. For those who like outdoor activities there are places with many attractions, please see pictures of Amusement Park in Stuttgart :

More pictures of Germany:

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