Stockholm, September 2012, pictures by Jan Jansen:

There are many wonderful places for seeing in Stockholm on foot.

Stockholm is a beautiful city, surrounded by water, built on 14 islands. So when in Stockholm, head for the water! It is highly recommended to take a boat tour; it’s the best way to see this beautiful city especially if the weather is nice. There are lots of different boat tours to choose from, varying from one hour up to 5 hours – all depending on how much time you have. You usually don’t need to book – just go down to the ticket booth at the quayside and buy the ticket for the whatever tour you prefer.

The “downtown” area – where all the shops are – is nothing special; it’s pretty much like any other European city.

It is better to visit the more picturesque old town, called “Gamla Stan“, and wander around the streets there, around the royal palace.

After a boat tour and a stroll around the old town, it will probably be late afternoon, so then you would go for a relaxing drink or coffees in “The Cadier Bar” at luxurious Grand Hotel.

The Cadier bar has a lovely view across the water, looking over to the Royal Palace and the old town.  There are other bars in the city with more fabulous views – high up above the city, with 360 degrees panorama views – but sadly they are all closed on Sundays.

Then, what about dinner? Stockholm has several restaurants which have received stars in the Guide Michelin and/or rankings in the White guide, including the “Mathias Dahlgren Restaurant” right there at Grand Hotel. The prices are high, but the food is really fabulous.

But, to be kinder to your pocket you would eat at “Riche” – a “cool” restaurant where the “in” people go.

However, you might have to as your hotel to book a table for you, as it’s a very popular place to eat.

There is lots more to do, depending on how much time you have. For example, the famous Vasa Ship Museum. Please see this excellent website (below), which has a lot of great information, tips and advice about all kinds of things to do and places to go in Stockholm:

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