Vacation in Czech Republic

On weekends towns and villages in the Czech Republic are empty. Most families travel or go to their summer houses. In each town the Czech Republic on the main square you will find hiking trails with the names of routes. For each route you will also find maps and description of the attractions.
The whole family goes on a journey, taking the youngest children. Each route has its cultural attractions and beautiful places. Hiking, biking, boating in the Czech Republic is comfortable, everywhere everything is perfectly organized: from roads and delicious food to hotels and toilets.

Czech Republic, summer 2010:

In addition to eco-tourism, the locals love, and other outdoor activities related to nature and history. New Czech hobby is golf. Young and old people play golf. At the golf courses there are special areas for training people of different ages.
And who love history (and these people seem to be the majority in the Czech Republic ) can visit many castles and historic places of the Czech Republic. For foreigners a symbol of historical tourism is Prague, but for residents of the country every corner of the Czech Republic is full of history. Each town has its own museum, its heroes and legends, and knowing them is a matter of honour for every citizen.

Marina Volkova
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