Containers in Chelyabinsk

Newspaper “News of laser technologies” № 35, February 2010

Myths and Reality

1. “No money.”
As for the gross regional income per capita and many other economic indicators Chelyabinsk takes the lead over Ufa, Cheboksary, Khanty-Mansiysk and many other Russian cities in which the problem of waste collection and waste disposal is solved more successfully than in Chelyabinsk.

2. “Our people are not accustomed to sort trash”.
Of course, not accustomed. Nobody teaches them: there is no social advertising, and mass media remains shamefully silent about this subject, and the system of penalties for unsorted garbage collection is not provided.
In Magnitogorsk, for example, is begun an experiment on separate waste collection.

3. “Our people will never keep order and divide garbage onto different containers! They even can not open the cover of a container that is why containers without lids are set!”

Chelaybinsk containers

Photos by Marina Volkova and Anatoly BaskakovIn Australia, the emigrants are trained to keep order in a simple way: in every yard there are containers of various sizes for different types of garbage. At certain time the  tanks with trash are rolled to the street. If the garbage collector sees that in the tank “wrong” or unsorted trash, he dumps the contents of the tank in front of the house of the owner of the tank. The man faces fines, manual garbage collection and ridicules of neighbours. As a result Australia is clean.

Marina Volkova
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