13-07-2015 Elena Kaledinova 0

Tubingen  is the old university town in Germany (about 15 km to the east from Reutlingen). The Neckar river flows through the town. Pictures of Tubingen, […]

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13-07-2015 Elena Kaledinova 0

Reutlingen was founded in 4th or in 5th century. It is located in the southwest part of Germany and has a university of applied sciences. Pictures of Reutlingen, 05.2015: […]

Kungur ice cave

23-04-2015 Irina Travina 0

Pictures by I. Travina, 2014: Kungur ice cave Khlebnikov’s grotto, Kungur ice cave На первой фотографии – гора, под которой находится пещера. Маршрут составляет 1,5 км, а […]

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Travel abroad

10-10-2014 Lyuda Botova 0

В “заграницах” Вот я и на работе. Первый день все расспрашивали, как там в “заграницах”. Трудиться некогда, одни разговоры. Людям очень интересно то, что я им рассказываю […]

Eifel National park, Germany

Eifel National Park

5-05-2014 Jan H. Jansen 1

Eifel National park is just situated a few kilometres from the industrial heart of Germany – the Ruhrgebiet; and in the middle of four countries: Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands