This summer holiday we spent in the holiday house Bertha  situated in the Matra mountains 150 km to the north-east of Budapest, opposite the lake Tó which is near Arló.  Arló is a village of about 4300 inhabitants, it dates from the 11th century. It is a beautiful area which is ideal for people who like quiet, not crowded places. The surroundings are really picturesque, especially towards village Belapatfalva where you can find very old abbey.
Not far from Arló is the Ózd town with large outdoor and indoor swimming pools, supermarkets, restaurants and pizzeria’s. It is certainly surprising how clean and neat everywhere, you will not see litter or beer cans on the streets, but many trees and flowers. On our way back we visited Budapest, which is beautiful located on the bank of the river Donau and is surrounded by mountains.

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Panoramic views of Budapest, Hungary, 07.2010

Pictures of the Matra mountains and Belapatfalva, 07.2010

Pictures of Budapest, Hungary, 07.2010

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