Nurali mountain range, 1

In late July I took a day trip to the mountain range Nurali. It is located in Uchalinsky region of Bashkortostan but very close to Miass town of Chelyabinsk region. The relief of the ridge Nurali differs somewhat from the rest of the South Ural. The mountains are bare and brown, as in Tajikistan. They are pretty low, just about 800 meters high, but the impression is as if you climb high mountains. On the top you can see all the beauty of this mountainous country: no people, no empty bottles. This place looks very rough and even scary to climb up the ridge.
On the one of the pictures is the lake Aushkul. Lake water seems green because of the mineral bottom. Actually it’s not so far from a large deposit of copper ore in Uchalinsky region of Bashkortostan. Click picture to see photo album: