Xcaret Tour, Mexico

Xcaret Tour is the most famous in Mexico and at the Caribbean islands amusement park. To write about the park is meaningless, you have to feel the park with all organs of sense. Where else can you see how butterflies are born (not to mention the incubator for parrots and quail)? And so many butterflies in one place, flying to the accompaniment of music!

Preparation for the meeting with butterflies is almost a ritual. First of all, you’ll see (and every time surprisingly!) a lot of other exotics – parrots, flamingos, jaguars, turtles and so on.

Then you will pass through the greenhouse with orchids, where smells merge with the background music. Then you will float by the Indian raft in the silence of a cosy canyon. Then, in a vest and fins, you will go with the stream of underwater river. Then you will find yourself in the world of corals and fishes.  And the last attraction is butterflies!

I love very much books of Nabokov, but I never could understand why he was so fascinated with butterflies. In Xcaret Tour I understood. In Xcaret Tour for them such a big arena is made, whose slopes are planted with flowering trees. Above is a grid, at the bottom is a small pond. Sweetly putrid smell of the cut flowers and fruits, unearthly music and butterflies… They appear out of nowhere and disappear nowhere. There was no butterfly, then all of a sudden butterfly appeared and again no one. Clicking the photo camera is powerless to catch the moment of its appearance and disappearance. When you come down to a small pond with pink lotuses, your feelings will turn around. You start to live in another, the discrete world, where eternity and an instant are equal.

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